Graham Fletcher's Dance Activate Classes

All classes take place in a friendly and professional atmosphere and there are a number of different dance styles on offer. It is recommended that students take part in more than one dance style to broaden their range of experience, knowledge and performance opportunities. Age ranges are a guide only, as ability will be matched to the most suitable class.

Ballet Classes

Director Graham Fletcher teaches ballet classes that are of the highest standard, being masterclass in style and based on his teaching experience at The Royal Ballet School. They are designed to share his knowledge of dancing and teaching at a professional level, and to teach and inspire students beyond regular syllabus work.

Dance Activate Juniors: 6 – 9 years

Children explore movement and dance potential through improvisation and the development of foundation dance technique. Classes are a fun and enjoyable way to develop dance skills and musicality as well as natural ability.

Ballet DAB2: 8 – 10 years

Building on the foundations learnt in Dance Activate juniors these classes encourage children to enjoy ballet technique by developing strength, balance and knowledge of the ballet vocabulary.

Ballet DAB3 9 – 11 years

Aimed at children with a foundation ballet technique, or those able to progress from Ballet DAB2. These classes expand on existing skills and develop more extensive knowledge of dance.

Ballet DAB4: 10 – 12 years

These classes extend ability through more advanced dance and ballet steps, technical choreography and setting more traditional ballet and dance technique to music more contemporary and modern in style.

Ballet DAB5: 11 – 14 years

Students at this level have developed a strong knowledge of ballet technique and are ready to be challenged with more complicated choreography and a faster pace, including pointe work for girls when ready.

Ballet DAB6 and Senior Ballet 13 – 19+ years

These are more challenging and more advanced classes for those with capability and confidence in their understanding of ballet technique and principles.

Girls Pointe Work

Starting pointe work is a special milestone and all girls will be assessed to establish if they are ready to dance on pointe. They must have taken part in regular classes to be able to achieve the strength and alignment needed to work on pointe.

Boys Ballet Classes

The demand for male dancers at full time dance colleges and companies is always high, so is important that boys have the chance to be in an environment where they can focus on learning in a class alongside other likeminded boys.

Ballet Repertoire and Solos

These are really exciting classes that provide a glimpse into the professional world of ballet. Students learn solos and variations from the classical ballet repertoire, as well group dances from the corps de ballet and smaller cameo pieces, usually performed within a triple bill.

Ballet UP!

Professional fast paced jazz style classes for students with ability who would like to learn a series of dance routines and choreography and take part in events such as Mass Movement and charity performances where the opportunity arises. These are very popular and ideal for students who want an extra challenge.

Musical Theatre

Performance style classes that combine great songs, music, acting and dance from the greatest hit shows of the legendary Broadway and London’s West End.

Dance RoX! Levels 1,2,3 and 4

Jazz classes where students develop all round dance skills and have the opportunity to learn a host of new dance routines.

Tap: Levels 1 and 2

Classes provide a step-by-step guide to the essential steps, sounds and moves of tap dance, learning different rhythms, shuffles and times steps in some fun and popular tap combinations.

Contemporary: Levels 1 and 2

These classes provide teaching in contemporary technique that is creative and inspired by a range of styles. They are a perfect compliment to other classes as they extend experiences in other forms of creative movement and dance.

Workshops and Performances

Students have the chance to join special projects that are run separately to the normal timetable and which are organised periodically. These include Easter and Summer workshops as well as some great outings and events that experience live dance and theatre with major UK dance and performance companies.

Classes at Market Harborough

Diddlers: Ages 4-7 years

Classes discover the world of dance through movement, dance, story, music and song. Children are invited to join Diddlers classes, which are a fun and enjoyable introduction to dance, as well as being well structured to encourage imagination and expression.

Hallaton After School Club Ages 5 – 9 years

Creative after school dance classes that all children in the area are welcome to join. Children enjoy themselves, make friends and learn to dance through creative movement and a range of musical styles.

Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet: 5yrs – 11yrs

Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance are the introductory levels of the ballet syllabus work. Classes take place on a Saturday morning and are open to all new children as well as Graham’s Dance Activate juniors, Diddlers, Hallaton and Ballet DAB2.

Junior Musical Theatre: 5yrs – 11yrs

Introducing musical theatre to younger children who really enjoy songs, music, acting and dance from the greatest hit shows.

Adult Dance Classes **coming soon**

These will be classes for those who are either quite experienced and would like to continue to take part in classes to reignite their skills, as well as those who have done very little or no dance, and who would like to take part in a class at a slower and gentler pace for fitness and enjoyment.

Join Us

If you would like to join us, arrange a visit or just further information then please contact Graham by email from the contact page or by telephone on : 0771 772 1916.

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